DataWrangl Dreaming in Data


Dreaming in Data?

No really! I do dream in data! Not always, thankfully, but after a long day of coding, analyzing, and trying to make sense of data, I often have dreams (nightmares?) of code and data frames and moving/shifting/changing numbers. And then when I wake up, if my dreams were productive, I know how to solve that problem that I couldn’t yesterday. And I’m excited to hit it again: code, visualize, analyze, model, craft a story…repeat!

Who Am I

I’m Tyler Byers, and I currently work as a Data Scientist doing energy forecasting for Comverge, Inc in the wonderful city of Denver, Colorado. Ok, my official title is “Software Developer/Machine Learning,” but really 90% of my job involves getting dirty with data, with a little bit left over for writing about my findings and creating some production-level code for integration into the rest of our software.

I have been doing data-related work for all of my career, including internships in college. I graduated from The University of Arizona (Bear Down Wildcats!) with a degree in Engineering Mathematics (NB: that linked catalog year was the closest one I could find to my graduation year; unfortunately the University cut the program after 2008 due to budget constraints). After graduation, I spent almost a decade doing aerospace data analysis, in various forms, for the federal government. In 2015 I was ready for a new challenge and moved to Comverge.

Besides Data?

When I’m not hacking on my Mac working on a data problem (or trying to decipher this website stuff!), you might find me:

  • Wheelchair racing on one of the many Denver bike trails, trying to stay in shape, boost my brain power, and get some fresh air. I had the great privilege to represent the USA at the 2004 and 2008 Paralympic Games. While my competition days have slowed down as I focus on other things in my life, I still treat my almost-daily lunchtime workouts as sacred, as it truly recharges me and helps my afternoon productivity.
  • In the colder months, hitting the slopes in my sit-ski, mostly at Keystone or Breck. Since 2013 I have shredded on a KBG Lynx built by the good people at Enabling Technologies here in Denver.
  • Helping my wife raise our three young children (all under 5 as of 2015). Mostly fun, very rewarding, but extremely hard work and frustrating at times!